women vote for best male masturbator

Hey there, I’m sure you’ve heard about this thing called a male masturbator.​ If not,well,it’s a sex toy designed to, you guessed it, help men give themselves pleasure.​ Recently, I was surprised to find that women have started to vote for their favorite male masturbator, and I thought I’d share my thoughts about it with you.​

I find the whole idea completely fascinating.​ After all, for centuries society has frowned upon the idea of women taking ownership of their sexuality, let alone advocating for products that can help men pleasure themselves.​ So to see women jumping online to voice their opinions about male masturbators is a pretty big deal.​

Just think about it.​ Women are talking not just about the products that are available, but they’re talking about their experiences with them as well.​ And some of the reviews they write are simply hilarious.​ From tongue-in-cheek comments about their partners’ reaction to the male masturbator, to more detailed reflections about the sheer pleasure that can come from using one of these devices.​

Plus, discussions around male masturbators front and center on this incredibly public platform has obviously helped to normalize the idea of women unabashedly owning their sexuality.​ After all, these votes from women are being counted and recognized, which is a stark change from earlier generations.​

You can also argue that women voting for the best male masturbator brings a unique perspective that men simply cannot bring.​ That’s because women can draw on their own experiences with these products, and can even bear in mind their partners’ reactions when suggesting the best option to them.​ I mean, who knows better than a woman what her man would enjoy, right?

And sure, while the product reviews coming out of this vote are helpful – it’s the conversations around them that I’m really interested in.​ Because while some reviews focus on the practical aspects of the male masturbator, others delve into the emotional aspects of it.​

It’s heartening to come across women’s musings about how male masturbators can help men to explore their sexuality and learn more about themselves.​ And it’s inspiring to read reviews about how female partners can help their male friends to enjoy the experience even more.​

At the end of the day though, I’m a huge advocate of female empowerment in matters related to sex and sexuality.​ All I can say is that it’s about time women are making their own choices.​ Choices about masturbation, sex toys, Penis Rings and anything else that can bring them pleasure.​ And I’m glad that voting for the best male masturbator is another step in this long journey of self exploration- and that women are leading the way.​

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