Hey friend, I know you’ve seen some pretty weird pieces of jewelry. But believe it or not, jewelry with sex toys as pendants is actually a thing. I know— sounds absolutely wild, right? In fact, I recently decided to get myself one.

It all started when I was scrolling through Pinterest one night. Then I saw this gorgeous, delicate pendant necklace that had a little purple sex toy hanging from it. I was intrigued— I had never seen anything like this before! I mean, it wasn’t like the sex toy was the main feature of the necklace, it was more like a subtle addition. All of a sudden, I was interested in this kind of jewelry and wanted to know more.

So I asked around and did some research. It turns out, wearing a sex toy on a necklace is actually quite popular. Many people have started to embrace the idea that pleasure should be celebrated and not hidden away. Wearing a sex toy on a necklace also reminds us of how our bodies are powerful and capable of experiencing pleasure. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter.

But beyond the symbolism and aesthetics, there are practical reasons to wear a sex toy on a necklace. Not to mention, sex toys don’t actually have to be a complete piece of jewelry on their own. You can put a sex toy pendant on your favorite necklace chain or charm bracelet, and bam! You have a completely unique and stylish piece of jewelry.

Wearing a sex toy on a necklace is also a great way to make a statement. It could mean different things to different people, but no matter what, it probably won’t go unnoticed. When I wear my own sex toy necklace, people often compliment it, ask about it, and of course, inquire about what it is.

I personally love wearing a sex toy on my necklace because it gives me a sense of empowerment and confidence. Because it reminds me of my sexuality and that pleasure should never be shamed. I think if more people started wearing sexy accessories such as this, then more people may be open to talking about pleasure and understanding it better.

So that’s why I personally find wearing a sex toy on a necklace so great. It’s not just an accessory— it’s a symbol of full ownership and acceptance of my body and vibrators pleasure.

The symbolism doesn’t end there, either. Often, a sex toy necklace is not only a symbol of pleasure, but also of sexuality. Maybe to someone, it may be a symbol of exploring their fetishes and desires. To another, it may be a way to express their commitment to their partners. There are so many possibilities.

Overall, wearing a sex toy on a necklace is an amazing way to explore your body, sexuality, and pleasure, as well as to make a bold statement. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next one to give it a try!

Going beyond the symbolism and practical reasons, another great reason for wearing a sex toy on a necklace is that it is a great conversation starter. As we mentioned before, wearing a sex toy necklace can start up a fruitful conversation. It could be someone curious to know what it is, or even someone that wants to open up and talk about the power of pleasure. Either way, it’s always a great ice-breaker.

And that’s why I think wearing a sex toy on a necklace is great. It’s a way to bring pleasure out in the open, challenge the stigma associated with it, and more. It’s an amazing way to use fashion as a form of empowerment and to show your commitment to your sexuality.

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