I’ll never forget the time I was shopping for my first sex toy. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I wanted something that would fit me perfectly and make me feel comfortable and pleasurable. However, that proved to be harder said than done. After hours of searching, I realized why most sex toys fail to fit a women’s curves – they just weren’t designed that way.

To begin with, many sex toys are rigid and vibrators angular, not contoured to fit the natural curves of a woman’s body. Generally, they only have one size and shape, sex dolls so there’s no room for customizing your purchase. This can often leave women feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with their purchase when it doesn’t fit properly.

Furthermore, these rigid sex toys tend to miss the mark on a woman’s more intimate areas. Most of them are too hard and sharp and they don’t offer the softer, gentler sensations that most women enjoy. Additionally, they can be overly harsh and abrasive, causing discomfort rather than pleasure.

It doesn’t help that the sex toy industry is highly saturated with a lot of inferior products. Companies are just out to make a quick buck with low quality toys that have no consideration for the comfort and pleasure of their customer’s needs. This leads to many women being stuck with second rate sex toys that don’t work for their body type and leave them disappointed.

Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough emphasis on properly designing and constructing sex toys that fit a woman’s curves. Manufacturers seem to be more concerned with novelty features and eye-catching packaging than actual pleasure and comfort. This lack of focus on creating more suitable solutions for women’s bodies has caused countless encounters with inadequate, overly stiff and ineffective sex toys.

Speaking from experience, it’s not very fun spending money on a sex toy that you can’t even use. It’s definitely a major letdown and an unfortunate waste of resources. Given the fact that there is a real need for sex toys that truly fit a woman’s curves, I think it’s time we started shining light on this issue and demanding better quality and better design from the sex toy industry.

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