Oh gosh, where to throw away sex doll silicone- this is a dilemma I never knew I liked dolls had to consider until now.My partner bought a sex doll silicone recently and well, we both decided it doesn’t fit our shared bedroom décor. I guess earlier on, we both thought it would be a joke, you know, but now we understand that having an inanimate sexy silicone doll taking up space in our house is a bit too much. So, we decided it’s not too late to peace out and we need to find out where to throw away the silicone doll.

At first, I thought of heading to the local dump and just dumping the doll there. But then, I thought that sex doll silicone isn’t classified as a “normal” item. I had a feeling that the disposal centre would have an issue with me just dumping out the doll without filling in any paperwork or anything. Besides, I wasn’t sure if there’s a specific method for disposing the sex doll silicone or not.

Second thought that came to my head was to take it to the local recycling center. But again, the same worry crossed my mind. I was sure that the centre wouldn’t take the silicone doll without any prior research and verification. Plus, selling it wasn’t an option either because it is a huge venture and would require a lot of time and energy. In addition, it’s a bit odd to sell a used sex doll right?

The third and final option I had was to contact the local authority and ask them for advice. I was hoping that they could direct us in the right direction and even provide us with pickups for the sex doll silicone. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. We were told there are environmental laws that stop them from helping people dispose of items like this. So, back to square one.

In the end, I decided to Google it and see if there are any services or centers that specifically deal with disposing silicone dolls. To my surprise, after an extensive search, I found a few services that offered disposal and recycling of sex dolls. Those services know exactly how to responsibly recycle and dispose of the doll.

Finally, we contacted one of the services. We explained our situation, sent them the pictures of our sex doll silicone, sex dolls and asked them to pick it up. Luckily, the service said, they could take it in. Phew! I’m so glad it’s all sorted and there won’t be any silicone doll awkwardly taking up space in our bedroom.

After this experience, I’m glad I didn’t try to find any other method of disposing the silicone doll myself. It was the right decision to contact a service that offered removal of the silicone doll. My advice to anyone in a similar situation is to find a service that specializes in responsible disposal and recycling of sex dolls. Doing your research before jumping to any conclusions can be a life saver!

Now, if we talk about the intricate details of the recycling process, it has to be done carefully. Firstly, the silicone used in a sex doll is up to 99 percent recyclable, which is great news. Secondly, the doll needs to be dismantled. The pieces must then be highly purified so that any odour, dirt, chemicals, and residues can be eliminated.

After dismantling and purifying the sex doll silicone, it then goes into a vacuum suspension drying oven. Here, the pieces of hard silicone are heated thoroughly. This helps to dry the material completely. Once the silicone is thoroughly dried and cooled, it is then ready to be reused for another purpose, such as making different sex dolls or other objects.

Similarly, the soft silicone used in sex dolls is broken down into small pieces first. It then goes through a high-vacuum drying process, which removes any moisture that can be present in the soft silicone. After doing so, the soft silicone is then formed into pellets and recovered for use in other objects, such as toys and blankets.

In essence, we can see that sex doll silicone is highly recyclable in its original form. So, locating a service that specializes in the responsible disposal and recycling of sex dolls is now a much easier process. It’s now totally up to us to make sure that the silicone doesn’t end up in landfills or oceans, which would have a huge negative impact on the environment.

Now, talking about the actual recycling process, it starts with the breaking of the silicone pieces into tiny scraps. The scraps are then purified of any dirt, residue, and chemicals. Hot air is used to dry the material completely, and it’s then ready to be reused in other products. As for the soft silicone, Penis Rings it is broken down into pieces, dried at a high-vacuum level, and formed into pellets.

It’s interesting to note that sex doll silicone can be used to create a variety of products. For instance, it can be used in kitchenware, medical tools, and other household items. So, when it comes to recycling sex doll silicone, the possibilities are endless. All we have to do is be sure to contact a service that specialize in this type of recycling. Doing this will ensure that the silicone doesn’t end up at a landfill or in the ocean, harming the environment.

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