when a girl talks about her sex toys

It all started when I first heard about sex toys. I was at a gathering with friends and we were talking about stuff that would make us feel good. One of them said “Hey, ever used kinky toys?”. Well at first I was taken back and was too embarrassed to even own up to the fact that this was really a thing. I started to blush and mumble something about not knowing what that was.

The girl on my right exclaimed, “Girl, you gotta get into this! I absolutely love using sex toys. I bought a couple of them last week and I feel amazing after using them!”. Wowsers! I thought, straight away I was intrigued and started prodding for more information. I wanted to know what kind of toys she was referring to and I asked her to explain.

Turns out, she was speaking about “toys” that you insert inside of your body and press nubs that vibrate to stimulate different areas. I didn’t know such technology existed and was amazed by this. I asked her to tell me more about it. She then went on to explain that when she used them, she experiences an intense pleasure that she never felt before and that she would never go back to the old fashioned way of masturbating ever again.

Now, I was really intrigued about this stuff and started researching about sex toys as soon as I got home. I started to learn more about different types of toys; which ones require batteries? Are they very expensive? How do I use them? Which kind of lubes are recommended?

I soon found out that it doesn’t have to be expensive, because some of them are rechargeable and don’t use batteries. Plus you can buy organic lubes to accompany it and make it safer on your skin. That opened my mind to the whole concept even more.

Plus, there are hundreds of colors, shapes, sizes, and functions, and I felt more empowered as a woman to take charge of my pleasure. I could pick different toys for different areas, and Penis Rings even assort them.

I kept looking into the topic and soon found out that there are now brands that are building these kinds of products safer. Made of silicone, with a smooth finish, and they even have customizable apps that go forward with the technology advancement.

I got so into it that I ended up buying my own intimate toy. I was so excited about it, but I was also very scared and anxious of using it. I was worried about the functionality, about what sensation it would provide me, about getting the right lube. I was even afraid of the sound it could make.

I’m so glad I gave it a try, because it was a truly freeing experience. I felt so relaxed and comfortable while indulging in my own pleasure. I felt safe and secure in the walls of my own bedroom and I was finally doing something good for myself.

Using a sex toy was a transformational experience for me and I’m so grateful I got to explore my body and discover what it can do. It taught me to appreciate my body and open my heart to the world.. I feel kinder and calmer now, and completely comfortable with the idea of sex toys and its many uses for pleasure and fun.

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