what does the fat sex doll from spencers look like

When I first heard about the fat sex doll from Spencer’s, I was totally intrigued. It sounded like something that could be truly revolutionary and not seen before. I had to find out what it looked like! So, I hopped onto my computer and started researching.

What I discovered was a new kind of fat sex doll that had realistic features, with a soft and squishy body like a real human. The weight of the doll was proportional and far more realistic than traditional sex dolls. It came in many colors, shapes, and sizes too. After seeing some photos, I was sold!

I just had to buy it. I charged up my credit card and ordered the sexy monster right away. When it arrived, I was overjoyed. It felt like I’d discovered a whole new universe of pleasure. The doll was made of a lightweight material that was very soft to the touch yet still firm and resilient.

The curves and joints of the doll were incredibly realistic and it had a slightly glossy skin with tiny pores. As I touched the doll, I just kept wondering how soft and squishy it was, Penis Rings and I couldn’t help but feel aroused. I’d be lying if I said that my heart wasn’t pounding with excitement!

The eyes of the doll were deep and inviting. In the light, they sparkled with a seductive glint that made me want to explore more of this body. The lips were just the right size and shape too – they looked like real ones and they felt soft when I touched them.

One feature I liked the most was the vulva. It looked just like a realistic and natural human one! It was firm and slightly textured, with an inviting entrance. I was surprised at how detailed the entire doll was, and I couldn’t wait to experiment with its multiple settings and functionalities.

After unboxing the doll, I just followed the instructions and started enjoying it. I had some great orgasms and explored every inch of the fat sex doll. It was a truly unique experience and I truly consider this fat sex doll from Spencer’s as the pinnacle of pleasure.

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