ways to masturbate for male

I’ve recently been doing a lot of research on different ways that male can masturbate.​ It’s been eye-opening and exciting! Before this, I have been using the same old technique since I was 14.​ So here’s what I’ve learnt about the different ways in which you can spruce up your masturbation game.​

The first way to masturbate that I’ve tried is the classic way of just using your hands.​ This is perhaps the most obvious and most popular method of how to masturbate and I think it’s a great starting point.​ I like to take my time and explore my body with my hands.​ I find myself creating different shapes and speeds with each hand, depending on what feels best.​

The second way to masturbate is using a male masturbator.​ Male masturbators can offer new and more intense stimulation and they range in size, shape and intensity.​ They can also be used with lube to enhance the sensations and can be used for both vaginal and anal play.​ I prefer an external male masturbator, vibrators because I find that the extra pressure is really enjoyable.​

The third way to masturbate is by using a vibrator.​ A vibrator – whether it’s a wand, pocket rocket or bullet type – can be used alone or with a partner.​ It’s great for exploring your erogenous zones and creating different sensations.​ My favourite way to use it is to hold it against my penis while I masturbate with my hand.​ The vibrations really increase the intensity and pleasure.​

The fourth way to masturbate is to use a lubricant.​ I only recently discovered how awesome lube can be when it comes to self-pleasure.​ It can be used to create different sensations and it also helps to reduce friction so it can make your sessions more enjoyable.​ I use a water-based lube for an extra slick feeling.​

The fifth way to masturbate is by using an adult toy.​ I always thought adult toys were intimidated, but I was wrong.​ There’s a lot of different types of male sex toys out there – including cock rings, prostate massagers, penis pumps and even dildos! I’m still learning to explore these kinds of products, but even just doing a bit of research into them has already been really exciting.​

The sixth way to masturbate is to use an anal toy.​ Anal toys can be used in both solo and partner play and they can create incredible sensations.​ I recently got myself an anal beads, and I found that the added pressure of having my anus filled up was really intense.​

The seventh way to masturbate is with the ‘edging’ technique.​ This involves bringing yourself close to the point of orgasm and then stopping.​ Then, when you’re ready, you repeat this process until you finally ejaculate.​ This can help to create longer and more intense orgasms.​

One thing I’ve also discovered is that you don’t necessarily need to stick to these techniques.​ Experimenting and combining these different methods can be a great way to explore and find things that you like.​ So I’d really recommend trying out different techniques and finding what works best for you.​

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