should you wash new sex toys

I remember when I first decided to buy myself a sex toy. I was so excited but also so apprehensive. I mean, how exactly do you go about using a new one? Should I just jump right in and start using it or is there some kind of step-by-step process I need to follow? I had heard that it was important to wash sex toys before using them so I decided to do some research and find out what I should do.

One of the first things I realized was that yes, you should always wash a new sex toy before using it. In fact, it’s a must! Bacteria can easily get onto your toy and even if you don’t notice it, it can cause some nasty infections. Not to mention that if you’re sharing your toy with a partner, it’s even more important to make sure it’s clean.

But what is the best way to go about washing a new sex toy? Well, it all starts with knowing what material your toy is made from. Different materials require different cleaning techniques. If it’s steel or glass then you can use an antibacterial soap and warm water. If it’s a softer material, like silicone, you should use a toy cleaner or a gentle soap and warm water.

It’s important to note that boiling or running sex toys through the dishwasher is not recommended as it can damage the material. And no matter what, make sure to rinse off any soap residue after washing your toy to avoid any irritation or discomfort.

I also found some people don’t even bother washing their toys. That to me is kind of insane; if it’s not clean then why would you put something like that in your body? After all, it is going to be touching some of the most sensitive parts of your body, so you don’t want to be taking any risks.

This might seem like a hassle but trust me, it’s worth the effort. Taking the time to clean your toy can help you stay healthy and enjoy a more pleasurable experience.

Now that I knew the importance of washing my new sex toy, I was ready get started! The next step was to purchase a jar of toy cleaner and a wash cloth so I could properly follow the instructions.

At first I thought washing the toy was going to be a tedious task, but honestly it wasn’t so bad. Plus it felt good knowing that I was properly caring for my toy so I could use it in a safe and vibrators healthy way.

Once my toy was squeaky clean, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I was so happy and excited to explore all the possibilities and see what kinds of new sensations I could experience with my new toy.

I would advise anyone who is interested in buying a sex toy to take the time to do some research beforehand. Knowing what materials the toy is made from, how to clean it, and where to store it is essential information for any toy owner. Taking the time to properly care for your toys will not only save you money in the long run, it will help ensure that your experience is as pleasurable as possible.

When it comes to new sex toys, always remember that a little bit of knowledge and a little bit of care can go a long way. Knowing when and how to wash a new sex toy is an important part of the overall experience, and it’s one you should never skip.

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