should i pump my penis faster to make her come

I was chatting with my buddy the other day about this whole “should I pump my penis faster to make her come” thing.​ We were both a little confused as to what the right answer was and so we jumped onto the internet to get some answers.​ We checked out a few online forums and found that most people suggested that it was not only okay to do, but it might even be beneficial.​

I must admit, I was really surprised.​ I mean, I figured there had to be something wrong with something as crazy as pumping your penis faster to make her come.​ But apparently, that’s not the case.​

Turns out, a lot of people have tried this method and they have found that it can actually help improve their sex life.​ It makes sense when you think about it; if you are stimulating her with faster, more intense movements, she may get more aroused and that could result in a more intense orgasm for both of you.​

So what exactly does “pumping faster” mean exactly? Basically, it just means stroking your penis faster in order to increase the intensity of the experience for her.​ It doesn’t necessarily mean going faster with each stroke, but it can mean that.​ It can also mean increasing the amplitude, or power, of each stroke.​

So, I asked my buddy his opinion on whether or not this is something worth trying.​ He agreed that it could be beneficial, but he also said it may not be as effective for people who just don’t have the same level of sexual drive or stamina.​ We concluded that it really has to be up to each person to decide if this method is something they would like to try.​

We then started talking about the potential cons of this.​ One important thing to note is that you should never pump your Penis Rings faster than you can comfortably manage, as it can be very intense and could lead to injury or even worse.​ You should always work within your limits and stop if you feel any discomfort.​ Also, this technique is not a good idea for everyone; some women may find it uncomfortable or even uncomfortable and so it should only be used if she is willingly participating in it.​

We also discussed that this technique isn’t a cure-all for someone’s sex toys life.​ It should be used as part of an overall sexual plan, which should include taking time to properly warm up and build arousal, creating an environment that is conducive to sexual pleasure, communicating with your partner, and experimenting with different techniques and positions.​

EasyToys Flexible Silicone Cock & Ball Sack Ring Review | PABOIn the end, we both agreed that the decision to pump your penis faster to help make her come is a personal one and should only be done if both partners feel comfortable and willing to try it out.​ It is also important to note that just because you are pumping faster doesn’t mean that you will be guaranteed to make her come; a good technique combined with a strong arousal drive can often make all the difference.​

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