pump worx beginner penis pump – black – by spencer’s

Hey! So you know how obsessed I am with trying new sex toys and gadgets… lately I’ve been seeing a lot of ads and research about pumping and how it’s supposed to help with penile enlargement.​ And after weeks of researching, I decided to give the Pump Worx Beginner Penis Pump – Black – by Spencer’s a go.​ I hear its great for beginners and that they have great customer service, so why not?!

I was honestly a bit scared to try it out, as I have a phobia of any kind of vacuum pressure, I was almost on the verge of panic… can you even imagine my horror? But I put my brave face on and thought, well let’s challenge myself.​ So I went for it.​

Now you want to know what came out, right? Well I did the unthinkable! To my surprise, it all happened quite smoothly and I saw some instant results.​ I didn’t feel any pain and was able to control the pressure just right.​ I could hardly contain my excitement! Now I didn’t get an inch bigger or anything, but I do feel my erections are stronger and longer lasting.​

I totally love this pump and recommend it to anyone who wants to try out this experience.​ Plus if you do buy the pump, there is a helpful instructional DVD included, so you know exactly how it works and how to get the most of it.​ I also like the fact that this pump has a safety release valve so you don’t have to worry about the pressure building up too much.​

My experience with Spencer’s Pump Worx Beginner Penis Pump – Black was really good! I have nothing but love for the product.​ I highly recommend it to all the curious newbies out there!

Now moving on from the basics of the pump, let’s discuss more how penis pumping works.​ Penis pumps are fascinating tools for a variety of reasons.​ The main purpose of using a penis pump is to increase the length and thickness of the penis when it’s erected.​ If you’ve ever used one, you’ll know what I mean.​

The way it works is by using a vacuum pressure to fill your penis with blood.​ When you do this your penis expands in size due to the pressure of the vacuum in the pump.​ This has an effect on the blood vessels in your penis, making them stronger and better able to contain large amounts of blood.​

I would say that the most incredible effect of using a penis pump is that it can really help you last longer in bed.​ This is due to the increase in blood flow to your erect penis, which keeps it from going soft for longer periods of time.​ On top of this, penis pumps are also very useful for those suffering from erectile dysfunction.​

Another benefit of using a penis pump is that you can also use them to give yourself a somewhat ‘instant’ erection, which can be very useful when you want to perform well in the bedroom.​ Plus, while wearing the pump your penis will be fuller and thicker – something that can really help increase your sexual pleasure.​

On a psychological level, using a penis pump is a great way to help boost your confidence.​ Knowing that you have a slightly larger and slightly fuller penis when wearing the pump can be very empowering, both from an aesthetic and sexual point of view.​

In conclusion, penis pumps are a great tool for all those men who want to enhance their sexual experiences and boost their confidence.​ The Pump Worx Beginner Penis Pump – Black – by Spencer’s is an amazing option for any beginner, as it’s easy to use and comes with plenty of helpful extras.​

Now, let’s talk usage.​ Pumping a penis is quite simple.​ You just need to place the cylinder over your penis, and then use a hand pump to create a vacuum inside the cylinder.​ Be sure to use the safety release valve if the pressure becomes too great.​ Then just leave the pump on for a few minutes, until your penis feels full and firm.​

Of course, as with any sex toy or activity, it is essential that the pump being used is always cleaned and serviced after each use.​ This will ensure that you get the most out of your pump.​ In addition, it is also important to keep your expectations realistic.​ Not all pumps are designed to be a miracle solution, and it’s important to be wary of the many claims out there.​

Continuing on, let’s talk about penis pumping and side effects.​ As with any sex dolls toy, if used improperly, a penis pump could cause injury to the penis.​ For example, if the pressure of the vacuum is too high the penis could become bruised, chafed, or even torn.​

It is also important to note that penis pumps are not designed to be used for extended periods of time.​ A few minutes is enough to get an increase in size.​ Anything more than that could potentially cause injury.​ Finally, there is also the potential to experience numbness and swelling.​

In addition, penis pumps can also cause a decrease in libido or arousal, and can even make it harder to orgasm.​ It is important to be aware of these potential side effects and to proceed with caution.​

Now, let’s discuss benefits.​ As mentioned previously, regular use of a penis pump can provide a firmer, stronger, and more consistent erection.​ These improvements could lead to an improvement in self-confidence as well as in the bedroom.​

Penis pumps can also help to correct penis curvature.​ And although penis pumps don’t actually make the penis physically longer, many men report a feeling of increased length when using a pump.​ In addition, the increased blood flow to the penis that penis pumps provide can also help improve nerve sensitivity.​

Finally, let’s talk cost.​ Penis pumps, such as the Pump Worx Beginner Penis Pump – Black – by Spencer’s, are usually fairly affordable.​ The costs vary depending on the brand and on the features.​ However, they are generally much more cost effective than other penis enlargement methods such as penis extenders or penis enlargement pills.​

So in conclusion, the Pump Worx Beginner Penis Pump – Black – by Spencer’s is an amazing tool for anyone looking to enhance their sexual pleasure and performance.​ The increased blood flow and fullness it provides can provide much needed confidence and pleasure, not to mention it’s affordable! So it looks like this pump is a definite yes from me, have any of you guys ever tried it before?

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