Oh my gosh, it’s quite the humorous experience when I think about penis pumping dog ears! So I wanted to share the story with you.​ So this all started one Monday morning, I was walking my pup through a park and it wasn’t any old one; it was a big pet park with all kinds of dog breeds and their owners.​ Everything was going as normal, until this big, skittish dog comes running up to me, all scared and barking like crazy.​ His ears were flopping all over the place, and then I saw why; it turns out his owner had just started penis pumping his dog’s ears!

I guess some people think it’s funny to make their pup look like a Dumbo, but I was just about to call the cops on this guy! Apparently the pumping wasn’t going as well as expected, dildos and his pup was really anxious.​ He had a big pump in his hands, and the hose was connected to his pup’s ears.​ Thank goodness I had my phone on me, I was able to capture a few pictures of this crazy sight before he bolted away.​

I just couldn’t believe it, this poor pup was in so much distress.​ The other owners and I were shocked and confused about why he would do this.​ One person actually asked if it was for “laughs” and another asked if he thought it would make his pup look more cool.​ But he just shook his head and said “Nope I’m just trying to get an even pumper!”

I remember being so angry, and at the same time, worried that maybe my pup wouldn’t be safe around this guy’s pet anymore.​ If he was willing to put his pup through such an extreme process, what else was he willing to do? So yeah, I’m sure you can image why this was such a crazy sight.​ Needless to say, Penis Rings I haven’t seen that dude around the pet park ever again.​ Even if I did, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be bringing my pup around his pet.​

Top quality life size real silicone doll realistic, lifelike silicone male sex dolls for women ...It just goes to show that anything can happen–when it comes to taking care of animals, I think people really need to take a step back and think: “What is the best thing to do for the pet’s health and safety?” That’s how it should be.​ After this experience, I now make sure to always do some research before getting my pup involved in any exotic grooming procedures.​ I mean, if it’s truly necessary and what my pup needs, then okay.​ But I’m making sure to get all the facts first!

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