male masturbation techniues

It’s a subject that’s often met with a bit of embarrassment or even mortification, but male masturbation techniques are nothing to be ashamed of – they’re an important part of healthy and happy living, and honestly, they can be pretty fun too!

I’m sure we all remember our first time, stumbling upon it, almost by accident, and suddenly realizing it feels pretty darn good – it’s an experience almost everyone has had regardless of gender or sexual orientation.​ And even now, so many years later, I still find myself looking for new and innovative ways to explore masturbation and all the pleasure it brings.​

Whether it’s trying out different strokes, lubes, or toys, I’m all about experimenting with new techniques to see what I can find.​ As it turns out, there are oodles of ways to masturbate, from simple hand motions to really fancy techniques that involve incorporating the use of items found around the house.​

Every man’s different – there are no two people exactly alike in the world – and the same goes for masturbation techniques.​ Some guys find they enjoy rubbing the head of their penis in a circular motion, while other fellas prefer alternating between clockwise and counterclockwise.​ And since every penis is unique in its own way, it’s important to find the strokes and motions that feel best for you.​

Aside from using your hands, toys can help take your masturbation experience to a whole new level.​ Vibrators can be used to stimulate the shaft and add an extra bit of ‘oomph’, while a dildo or a fleshlight can be used to simulate intercourse.​ There are even battery-operated devices specifically designed for male pleasure, to give you what feels like an incredible massage with the added bonus of intense vibrations.​

Lubes can also be a great way to enhance the pleasure factor during solo sessions.​ For instance, silky and slippery lubricants such as water-based and silicone lubes can help your hands glide over the penis smoothly while adding an extra element of texture to make the experience even more pleasurable.​

But my favorite must-try male masturbation technique is the ‘edging’ technique.​ This method involves stroking your penis to the brink of orgasm, then stopping until the arousal has subsided before starting again.​ It’s an incredibly effective way to prolong the pleasure and can really help you build up your orgasmic power.​

I’ll be the first to admit, male masturbation can feel pretty daunting at first, but if you’re willing to let your curiosity guide you and give different techniques a try, you might end up being pleasantly surprised.​It’s all about finding what ‘clicks’ best for you – if that means using a combination finger strokes, lubes, and sex toys, go for it – explore and enjoy!

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