is using a male masturbator better for real performance

I recently asked my friend whether he has ever tried using a male masturbator, and he got all shy suddenly.​ I knew he had, but I thought let’s try and discuss it.​ So I took the plunge and asked him again, and he said yes, he had used it, and sex toys although it felt good, he wasn’t sure whether it was better than real performance or not.​

Intrigued by his response, I decided to do some research and find out if there was any empirical evidence as to whether using a male masturbator was better than real performance.​ Here is what I found out.​

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that each person’s sexual needs are different and therefore, the real performance of one person may not be the same as that of another person’s real performance.​ It therefore stands to reason that the effectiveness of the male masturbator will depend on the individual and how it works for them.​

Another point to consider is the quality of the male masturbator.​ Many male masturbators on the market are not made from quality materials which can lead to less than stellar results.​ So it is worth investing in a good quality male masturbator that not only feels good but is also safe to use.​

The third factor to consider is that a male masturbator Penis Rings can help to provide an enhanced experience.​ The vibration and sensual touch of the device can heighten pleasure which can make the experience much more enjoyable.​ This can lead to increased arousal which can lead to a higher quality real performance.​

Fourthly, many men find that using a male masturbator can make the real performance feel much more enjoyable.​ This is because they can focus on the pleasure sensations and not having to go through the motions of real sex.​ This can lead to a higher level of arousal and ultimately better real performance.​

Finally, one other aspect to consider is that using a male masturbator can help men to become more aware of their bodies.​ By exploring and experimenting with the device, men can learn more about their bodies and become more familiar with how their bodies react and respond to sexual pleasure.​ This can ultimately lead to a better understanding of their own bodies and better real performance.​

So to turn the question around and answer it, I believe that if a good quality male masturbator is used and accompanied with an awareness of one’s body, then its use can certainly enhance real performance.​

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