I never thought I would ever talk openly about male masturbation face.​ After all, it is a subject that wasn’t talked about when I was coming of age.​ I can still remember the awkwardness of the conversations in the locker-room when someone raised the topic.​ But I am glad times have changed and we can now address this topic without it being seen as embarrassing.​

It all started back in high school when I got a glimpse of what masturbation face was.​ I remember seeing a few of my friends in the bathroom and they all had similar expressions on their faces.​ It was like they were in a trance or Penis Rings something.​ They had these really intense expressions of pleasure and satisfaction.​ I wasn’t sure what they were up to, dildos but I figured it out pretty quickly.​

Being a bit of an over-thinker, I had a million questions about it all.​ But I felt a bit awkward asking as it seemed too intimate to ask.​ The thought of it felt embarrassing and I thought it might be something to keep to myself.​ I was also concerned that it might have health implications but of course, I didn’t have the facts to back it up so I kept it to myself.​

One day I noticed my brother in law had a similar expression when I caught him looking at porn, and I thought to myself “ah, so that’s what masturbation face looks like.​” From then on I was determined to get to the bottom of it.​

I started to do some research and discovered that when men masturbate, it stimulates nerve endings in the parts of their body they touch.​ This then leads to their facial expressions being completely different to when they’re just sitting there.​ The muscles become more relaxed and the blood rushes to their face, giving them a look of pleasure and satisfaction.​

From what I’ve gathered, male masturbation face isn’t something that all guys will experience.​ It really depends on the person, how sensitive their sensory nerves are, and what type of stimulation they’re receiving.​ I find it really fascinating how different everyone’s experiences are, and it was really empowering to find this out.​

I’ve come to accept that male masturbation face is something that is completely natural and harmless.​ There’s certainly nothing wrong with it, and I don’t feel any more embarrassed talking about it.​ All I want others to know is that it is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s completely okay.​

Life Size Sex Doll Japanese Young Girl Flat Chested 128cm \u2013 Flat Chested Sex Doll | Mini Sex ...I’ve also discovered that male masturbation face can be used as a tool to better understand yourself.​ I’ve used it as a way to learn about what kind of stimulation works best for me.​ It has allowed me to explore my body and find out what feels the most pleasurable which has given me confidence with regards to my sexuality.​

Another concept I have explored is using male masturbation face to improve intimacy with a partner.​ When masturbating, one can pay attention to their facial expressions and then use that to communicate their pleasure during sexual activities with a partner.​ This creates more trust, communication and overall satisfaction in the bedroom.​

I’ve also found that male masturbation face is all about experimentation.​ Everyone is different so exploring and experimenting with what works best for you is key.​ There’s no right or wrong way to do it, and it’s ultimately up to you to explore your own body and find out what’s pleasurable for you.​

Overall, I’ve come to realise that male masturbation face is not something to be embarrassed about.​ I’m so happy that I’m no longer shy when it comes to discussing this topic.​ I now realise that male masturbation face is just part of the human experience and it should be embraced rather than shamed.​

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