how to fix tear in pvc sex toy

Well, I recently got my very first PVC sex toy. I was so excited to have it, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. But then, one day while I was using it, I heard a loud pop and I realized that the toy had developed a tear in it. I was really disappointed, but I quickly started to think about what I could do to fix it.

First, I knew that I needed to find out what kind of material the toy was made out of. It turns out, it was actually PVC, so I knew that I needed to be sure to find a way to fix it that wouldn’t damage the material.

Next, I looked online for a few ideas, and I found that the most reliable way to fix PVC was to use a special cement made specifically for this type of material. I found it at my local hardware store, Penis Rings and I asked the clerk for a recommendation on which brand to buy. He suggested a really good one, so I purchased it.

In order to properly fix the tear, Penis Rings I had to make sure that both ends of it were perfectly clean. I had to use a cleaning solution specifically made for PVC to make sure that there wasn’t any grease or dirt on it. After I was done cleaning it, I put on my safety goggles and gloves and I put a generous amount of the cement onto the tear and rubbed it in.

After I was done applying the cement, I noticed that the tear had almost completely disappeared and I was so relieved! I then decided to leave the toy to air dry before using it again, just to be sure that the cement was set properly.

Once the toy was completely dry, I tested it out by applying a bit of pressure on the area of the tear. To my surprise it didn’t tear any further and I was so excited to be able to use my PVC sex toy again!

Now, what if it had not worked? If the cement had not properly sealed the tear, then I would need to tape the toy with what was referred to in the instruction manual as reinforced duct tape. Being the resourceful person that I am, I figured it was worth a shot and thankfully, I would not have to resort to this!

That’s how I managed to fix the tear in my PVC sex toy! It was a relatively simple fix and I’m sure if you ever find yourself in a similar predicament you can use these steps to repair your toy.

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