how to display sex toys

Staring into the realm of sex toys can be overwhelming, to say the least. Some people feel intimidated with the thought of displaying sex toys in the bedroom, but have no fear – I’m here to help make your shopping experience totally beneficial and fun!

First and foremost, it is important to assess your comfort level. You don’t want to buy something too scary for your partner, or for yourself, for that matter. Think about what type of sex activity that you are into and what mood you’d like to create for the night. If you want something that is going to be gentle and light, like an intimate massage or an all-over tickle session, there are many beginner-level toys – like a soft feather – that you can bring in and display. On the other hand, if you’re looking to get a little fiery, there are piece of equipment like vibrators and cock rings that can add to dollop of spice.

The second step is to think of the power couple: you and Penis Rings your partner. How can you work together to make sure that you’d both enjoy the experience? Ask yourself what would make both of you comfortable while using the sex toy. This might mean using lube to ease friction, start shaving regularly, or just developing better communication about what you both want from the sex toy.

No need to be shy to ask each other what turns the other person on and what to get rid of (yikes). Holding back here can leave a lot to be desired. Carefully selecting something that appeals to both sides of you can increase the pleasure and reduce the potential for awkwardness.

The next thing to think about is storage. Its important to insure that the sex toy is out of reach of children and not seen by the wrong people. Having a drawer or a toy organizer under the bed or on the nightstand can help keep everyone from an unpleasant surprise. In general it is important to keep the sex toys in a dry, cool and dark space to maintain the quality of the material and prevent bacteria growth.

After that, display it with pride! Once you have your sex toy there’s no need to come up with an excuse or feel embarrassed. Put any doubt and fear behind you and be assertive. Feel proud of consciously making the decision to spice up your sex life; it’s liberating! You can show off your new toy as a representation of an empowering statement.

The next thing to remember is lube. Use it. Lube can not only make the experience more comfortable for both parties, but it could also help make the sex toy last longer and reduce any friction that may be caused.

The last piece of advice is to have fun with it. Play around with tightness, speed and intensity. Experiment with different angles – the lower, the better – and listen to the signals your partner is sending you along the way. You can pretend to use it discreetly in public or even play a game of blindfold. There’s so much you can do together, be creative!

Now that you’ve got the fundamentals, it’s time to get naughty! There’s no need to feel hesitant, I promise. So go out there and grab yourself something hot, fun and sexy. It’s going to be an amazing ride!

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