how to clean sex toys at home

First of all, when it comes to owning sex toys, it’s always important to properly clean them, and luckily cleaning them at home is not as difficult as it may seem! From vibrators to dildos to anal plugs, there are a few simple steps to keep your toys squeaky clean, while also making sure you are taking care of your own health and that of your partners.

Tiny Bullet Vibrator | The Smallest Vibrator Ever Seen | Vibrators.comNow, believe it or not, cleaning sex toys does not have to cause a stressful headache! You simply need to know a few basics which I am about to share with you. For starters, maybe you can opt for a sex toy that’s waterproof or in other words, can be submerged in water. That will make the cleaning process a lot easier!

Store-bought toy cleaners are good too, as these products are specifically designed to keep your toys bacteria-free and fresh-looking. It usually won’t take more than a few minutes to use, so it’s worth the investment.

However, if that’s not something you feel comfortable with, there are other methods as well. Personally, I think one of the easiest methods is to use soap and warm water. This is a tried and true method and it should work for most sex toys, as long as they are non-porous; meaning, the soap won’t settle into any tiny crevices.

In any case, avoid using harsh chemicals, like alcohol, bleach, vinegar and also take your time and be gentle. You don’t want to damage any of the materials on the toys. While you’re at it, be sure to also take a few moments to inspect the toy and look for any wear and tear.

It’s also important to keep your toys away from direct sunlight to ensure they don’t overheat or fade. And after you’re done cleaning, it’s smart to dry the toys with a clean cloth before storing them in an airtight container.

On the other hand, you can also opt to use condoms if you want an extra layer of protection against bacteria, especially when sharing the toys with others. Whichever method you choose, just make sure to stick to it and you’ll be good to go!

Look, bottom line is, it’s essential to always keep your sex toys clean and hygienic, for your own good and also to protect your partners. Now that we have gone through these steps, it’s time to get the job done.

Plus, I’m a firm believer that a clean sex toy makes for a happier experience anyways. Therefore, if you stick to these simple tips, you should have no worries when it comes to keeping your sex toys clean.

And remember; no matter what kind of toy you have or what materials it’s made of, you can always find a cleaning method that’s right for them. So don’t be intimidated by the task at hand – make sure you clean your toys regularly and you’ll be covered!

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