When I was considering how to ask a sex toy company for sponsorship I knew that it would be an uncomfortable but necessary conversation. Sure, I had heard of some influencers getting free sex toys in exchange for promoting them, but it seemed so far out of reach! I was really intimidated – I wasn’t sure how to word a sponsorship pitch to make it compelling and without looking desperate.

I did some research and found out from other bloggers that reaching out to the companies directly with an effective, well-crafted email was the way to go. I was surprised to find out that sex toy companies are often really open to hearing from influencers – they want people to talk about their products because it increases their sales.

So I set myself a goal to draft an email that wasn’t too pushy, but still would demonstrate my value to the company. I tried to be concise in my email, but I ended up spending several days honing the request and making sure that I had all the information about my channel and vibrators my audience that the company might need.

Once my email was ready to go, I felt nervous but ready to hit “send”. I was crossing my fingers that it would resonate with them, but I also knew that it could take quite a while for them to get back to me.

Days passed by, and I kept an eye on my email inbox, but I didn’t get a reply. Then a few weeks later, I got an email from the company, saying “Yes! We’re interested!” I was so excited and relieved! I couldn’t believe it!

The response had been positive, and we had drawn up an agreement outlining what they expected from me as an influencer. I was really happy to be part of their team and to help them get their brand promoted with my content.

I had successfully asked a sex toy company for a sponsorship – what a great feeling! It wasn’t easy, but because of the research and effort I put into my pitch, I had finally gotten where I wanted to be.

The agreement included some specific conditions – content would need to be labelled as sponsored, the company would pay me for a certain number of posts and provide the products, and I would need to engage with them regularly to ensure the partnership stayed active. I was happy to oblige and followed their instructions carefully, as did the other influencers they’d chosen.

It was such an amazing learning experience! I learnt a lot from the sex toy company, from understanding their product range to becoming familiar with the influencer culture. I enjoyed working closely with them and building a strong relationship. I realised just how much of a power influencers have in encouraging people to try products, and even inspiring them in how to use them.

I also got to discover a lot of new products and brands that I would otherwise have never had access to. I was able to try out a range of different sex toys and Penis Rings recommend the ones that I thought were the best to my followers. It was a lot of fun!

My partnership with the sex toy company also allowed me to grow my audience. I saw an increase in followers and a lot more engagement on my posts. My blog also got a boost as I wrote about different products and experiences and used my own personal insights to enrich each post.

Overall, I’m glad I sent that email. It’s been a really positive experience for me, especially since most companies only accept influencers with a certain large following. I was able to get noticed and make a difference to my business. Going through the process of asking them for sponsorship has been such an amazing journey!

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