friends try penis pump

Recently, I had some friends come over and brought with them a little something – a Penis Rings pump.​ As soon as I saw it, I laughed out loud and a few of my friends had a good chuckle too.​ They thought it would be funny to try it out, so we decided to give it a go.​

It was easy to figure out how to use it, and before long, we had gotten to a point where we were ready to try it.​ I have to admit, it felt incredibly weird and I started to get anxious, wondering what I had gotten myself into.​

I got the tubing attached to the pump and started to pump away.​ It felt very strange as the pump increased the pressure on my penis and it began to swell up.​ My friends were laughing and joking around as if nothing was really happening, but for me, it was a very weird experience.​

After a few minutes of pumping, I was done and took a step back.​ My friends all immediately joined in, asking me what it felt like.​ I had to laugh and explain that it was a strange experience to say the least, but it wasn’t unpleasant.​

It was certainly a very unique experience and I felt a little bit embarrassed but also quite proud at the same time.​ I hadn’t expected to ever be in this kind of situation, but here I was.​ After the moment had passed, we all looked at each other and had a good laugh before moving on.​

Although I never really expected to try out a penis pump with my friends, it ended up being a funny experience that we all shared.​ It’s not something I would do again, but it certainly made for an awesome tale to tell other friends.​

The experience also got us talking about different kinds of sex toys and products that are available on the market right now.​ We discussed different kinds of vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, and blindfolds.​ It was certainly an interesting discussion and we were all quite surprised at some of the items that were available.​

We all joked around about the different toys, but also discussed how each one could add pleasure, spice things up, or just create unique experiences.​ It was great to talk about these things in such an open and honest way with my friends.​

Next, we started to discuss the different kinds of sex games you can play.​ We creative types got to talking about imaginary scenarios, role-play, and other games that can increase pleasure and also teach good communication and consent skills.​

Finally, we ended the conversation by brainstorming new ways to enjoy our time together.​ It was great having such an open and honest conversation, and each of us bid goodbye with a lot more knowledge than when we first started.​

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