fenian male masturbation cup

When I heard about the Fenian male masturbation cup, well, let’s just say my brain spun.​ I wish I’d known about this little nugget of information before.​ It would have made things a lot easier for me.​

At first, I thought the idea of combining sex toys with the Fenian stuff was a bit strange.​ But having tried it for myself, I can say that the cup is surprisingly helpful.​ The shape of the cup fits perfectly around my penis, allowing me to feel more intense and pleasurable sensations.​ I can now take my time to focus on my technique and really enjoy the experience.​

It’s made masturbation a lot more fun, and I even use it to explore some different positions and techniques.​ There’s something so thrilling about being creative and experimenting.​ I’m a lot less inhibited when I use the cup, which lets me tap into those naughty desires.​ I feel like I’m really free to explore when I’m using it.​

Plus, the whole thing feels refreshingly empowering.​ Knowing that I’m the only one in charge of my pleasure feels really great.​ I definitely take care of myself more since I’ve been using the cup.​ It might seem like a funny thing, but it’s changed my sex life quite a bit.​

It’s really cool how the traditional Fenian symbols have been incorporated into this cup.​ I don’t think many people know this, but the Fenian emblem is actually a good luck charm with sexual associations.​ So it makes sense for this cup to have it on the side.​

There’s no doubt that the Fenian male masturbation cup is an amazing invention.​ I’m so glad I stumbled upon it! It’s funny how such a simple thing can make such a huge impact.​ Honestly, I would recommend this cup to anyone looking to take their solo sex session up a notch.​

So, if you’re looking for a new and exciting way to mix things up, then you should definitely check out the Fenian male masturbation cup.​ It’s powerful, empowering, and vibrators loads of fun.​ Plus, you get to see the lovely Fenian symbol up close – there’s really nothing quite like it!

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