can you return an unopened sex toy to specers

I recently got a new sex toy and was so excited to try it out but at the last minute I changed my mind and decided to return it as I didn’t feel quite ready yet. I asked around in some of the online forums if I could return an unopened sex toy to Speers. Most of the responses said that I could return most unopened items within a certain amount of time but I should double check the policy first.

So I got online and read their return policy, and sure enough, unopened sex toys could be returned depending on the type and the date they were purchased. It was a relief to find out I could return it so I had to decide if I wanted to go through with it or keep it.

I asked some of my friends what they would do in my situation and most of them said I should just take it back and get something else later on. I wasn’t sure I completely agreed with them because I did really want to try it out but I thought I should play it extra safe and take it back. So I went ahead and made the return.

When I got to the store I had to explain the return and the clerk was slightly surprised at first since I was returning a sex toy. I don’t know of their policy is to ask the customers why they’re returning such items but he didn’t seem to mind. After a few minutes of signing some paperwork I was on my way and the money was refunded to my account.

Returning the unopened sex toy turned out to be the best decision I could make. I felt like I had gotten out of a potentially tricky situation without having to delve too far into it. And now that I had the money back I could look into researching another sex toy if I wanted to try it out again. That was a relief.

The discussion forums I had gone through were very thoughtful in giving me their insight on returning the sex toy and vibrators that in turn gave me peace of mind in knowing that it was a possible route and I could take it if I wanted to.

I was initially surprised about being able to return the sex toy, especially in an open and accepting manner. I thought I would be met with judgment or some kind of a stigma but that wasn’t the case at all. Speers was very professional and never made me feel uncomfortable with my decision.

My take away from this experience is that even if you’re not sure about a purchase, you should always read up on the return policy before committing to it. That way, you’ll be prepared in case you change your mind down the line. You never know when a store might not accept returns, sex dolls so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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