Ahh, the electric toothbrush…I’ve heard a lot of weird things in my day, but I’m willing to bet that this has to be one of the strangest.​ Have you heard about people using electric toothbrushes in “unconventional” ways? Well, I’m here to tell you that male masturbation with electric toothbrushes is becoming more popular, and you better believe that there are a ton of stories out there to prove it.​

I’ll start by saying, I’m no prude.​ I’m all about self-expression and exploration.​ I do think, however, that there is a time and place to explore new options for pleasure.​ And, that electric toothbrush male masturbation, while seemingly innovative, should not be seen as a go-to option for self-pleasure or stimulation.​

For starters, the bristles on most electric toothbrushes have been known to cause irritation and even minor bleeding when used for masturbation.​ And there’s just no guarantees of safety or cleanliness when using this method.​ Not to mention, electric toothbrushes are costly and can be hard to replace if they are damaged.​ So, it seems more trouble than it’s worth.​

Plus, there’s really no need to go this route to improve your experience.​ If the sensation you’re after is a vibrating one, there are a number of products out there that offer different intensity levels, and are specifically designed for self-pleasure and stimulation.​ Sure, they don’t look like a toothbrush, but they will definitely give you the satisfaction you’re looking for.​

On top of that, vibrators electric toothbrushes aren’t intended for this kind of use, and therefore they’re not likely to be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.​ So, if it does break, you’re out of luck.​

But, of course, for some people the appeal of electric toothbrush male masturbation trumps these risks.​ I get it.​ A lot of guys like the fact that these tools are readily accessible and relatively inexpensive.​ Plus, they like to think it’s a new and exciting experience.​

But, hey, dildos you do you.​ At the end of the day everybody has different tastes and preferences when it comes to pleasure and stimulation.​ Personally, I try to focus on exploring more traditional methods, but if electric toothbrush male masturbation is something you want to try, you do you!

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