100 cm dolls sex alibaba

Wow, I can’t believe it! Alibaba is now selling 100 cm dolls! Where do I even start? I guess it is impressive how the world of eCommerce is expanding and offering new possibilities for people like me who love dolls. But I’m a bit uncomfortable with the fact that they’re offering 100 cm dolls for…sex dolls.

sex doll shemale 158cm,lifelike vagina and huge butt,sex robot dolls with big breast,metal ...I mean, I was shocked when I saw the advertisement. Are they serious about offering dolls of that size? And targeting them to a sexual audience? It all feels a bit creepy. I always thought buying a doll should be about companionship, not sex toys.

But I don’t mean to shame anyone who might be interested in buying a 100 cm doll from Alibaba. To each their own. Plus, there’s gotta be some people out there who like the idea, right?

That said, I can’t help but think it sends the wrong message. I mean, in some ways, it’s like normalizing a pedophilic act. I’m not sure I feel comfortable with the idea of adults getting sexual pleasure from dolls of that size.

I get it if people want to be involved in the fetish. There’s nothing wrong with being sexually adventurous. But child-sized dolls for that kind of thing? That’s really pushing it.

Plus, it’s hard to tell who these dolls are for. Are there adults who are looking for some strange form of comfort and companionship? Or are there those who just think it’s a fun sexual act?

I mean, it’s not just a question of size either. You’ve also got the legalities to think of. Is it even legal to buy these dolls? Are there laws and regulations around it? I hope so, for the sake of everyone’s safety.

It’s no surprise that these 100cm dolls are stirring up some mixed feelings. On the one hand, they bring a new wave of innovation and eCommerce. On the other hand, they walk a thin line between what’s safe and acceptable and what’s not. It’s a delicate balance.

In any case, I guess it’s really a personal preference. I’m not sure I’ll ever be comfortable with it, but I’m sure there are people out and about who are keen to get their hands on one of these dolls. As always, exercise some caution when buying anything, especially online.

So these 100 cm dolls – maybe you like them, maybe you don’t. But it’s undeniable that they’re raising some interesting questions about the ethics of online purchasing. After all, if you’re buying something off the internet, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into.

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